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Midwestern Championship International Wrestling

Results from May

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1) Overdose defeated A.T. Whyte by DQ when Sabastan Stardust ran out and interfered. P-Dub the came out to save Overdose. Stardust the issued a challenge for P-Dub and Overdose to wrestle him and Whyte later on in the night. P-Dub and Overdose accepted.

2) Troy Daniels defeted "Pitbull" Chris Pain with Sytt by pin fall for the Strong Styles Championship.

3) Cousin Cooter Clampet defeated Tod Rich by DQ

4) Scarrlet Rose defeated J.P. Lightning by pin fall. In an inter-gender match J.P. took the place of the scheduled opponent for Scarrlet. He said he could defeat her but was proven wrong.

5) Big Daddy Slash and Crazy Skilz defeated "The Amazing" Pookie and Christian Skyfire. When Skilz pinned Pookie. "Cry Baby" Christian cried over it.

6) Miami Thug retained The MCIW Heavyweight Title by pinning Brian "Sponge Bob" Blade in a Three Way between Miami Thug, Brian Blade, and Notorious.

7) A.T. Wyte and Sabastan Stardust went to a double countout with P-Dub and Overdose. The ref then DQed P-Dub and Overdose for P-Dubs bad attitude.

8) Just John and Master Rich defeated T.J. powers and Bobo Brazil Jr. When Bobo's manager accidentally grabbed Bobo's leg and Master Rich who was the illegal man hit Bob with his finisher Dollars and Cents and got the pin.